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Apr 15, 2024 | Blog

During a recent meeting, the discussion turned to whether a firewalk is a must for business.

Is a firewalk truly essential? Contrary to popular belief, yes!

In today’s era of remote work, younger team members are deprived of the camaraderie and guidance offered by their more experienced colleagues. They miss out on the invaluable informal learning and mentorship inherent in having a seasoned colleague take them under their wing, providing coaching, advice, and opening doors. Teams are growing increasingly disengaged, with a dwindling sense of unity compared to the pre-pandemic era. Water cooler moments and bonding over shared Netflix shows have become scarce. It’s entirely possible that you have a colleague on your team whom you’ve never met face-to-face.

While team calls and Zoom meetings serve their purpose for convenience and task completion, what about the informal interactions?

What about that individual in your office who cheers you on, urging you to think bigger, act bolder, and be more daring? To make the pitch, go for the contract, and approach problem-solving with creativity.

This is where my role comes into play.

Firewalks, glasswalks, and challenge workshops serve as powerful tools for team cohesion.

My workshops are designed to be impactful, motivational, and enjoyable. They focus on fostering camaraderie among your team, conquering fears and self-limiting beliefs, and silencing the voices of self-doubt.

It’s not about the fire itself; it’s about YOU and your TEAM coming together, engaging in candid conversations, and sharing a few laughs. It’s about recognising that we all possess far more power than we realise.

It’s about metaphorically and literally supporting your colleagues through challenges, and then bringing that support back into the office or online workspace, putting it all into action so that YOU can evolve into the bravest, most confident version of yourself. Consider this: if we can walk barefoot across red-hot coals or snap arrows against our necks, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.